Monday, May 23, 2011

Plog: Man O'War Dwarfs and Brets

Avast ye, matey!

Ahem. Sorry about that. I get a little carried away when I'm talking one of my favorite games (and one which, unfortunately, I don't get to play all that often): Man O'War! Yes, I'm talking about the Hugo of Games Workshop's games, that fantastic little gem of sea battles, daring boarding actions, thundering broadsides, and mighty wizards! I've been working piecemeal on two fleets as of late, and with the beginnings of basing materials arriving a short time ago, I figured what the heck... I'll show them off!

The two fleets are the noble Bretonnians, resplendent with Galleons, Corsairs and Buccaneers, and the stalwart Dwarfs, replete with Dreadnoughts, Ironclads, Monitors, Nautali... and more fliers then you can shake a stick at! Here's the fleet break downs: first up are the Brets:

There are 2 of the Man O'War Galleons, 2/3 of a squadron of Corsairs, and THREE full squadrons of Buccaneers! However, even with MoW cards and wizards and such there is just barely enough of a fleet (after I locate the missing model, that is!) to run a 1000 point game. The only solution? I need to get my hands on another entire squadron of Corsairs, with which 1500 points doesn't seem out of the question. 2000 points would require a 3rd Galleon at the least!

Next up are the Dwarfs (my personal favorites!). As with the Brets, the brand new basing material I ordered (0.060, or 1.5mm, clear sheet styrene [aka polystyrene]) hasn't all been cut, and most of the protective blue wrapping material is still on it (no, that's not a crummy paint job!).

I've got a 1000 points easily with 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Ironclads, 2 Nautali, 2 squadrons of 3 Monitors, and a squadron each of Gyrocopters and War Balloons. Unfortunately, if you know anything about MoW, you know how pants fliers are, so they don't exactly count... yet! The big, clear difference between the fleets presented here are the points: barely a 1000 for the Brets, and 1300 easy with the Dwarfs. Another problem I've been trying to work on is the fact that I have easily another 1000 POINTS IN DWARFS LAYING AROUND!!! I need more Brets...

Keep an eye on the blog for future fleets, painting, battle reports and tactics for combat on the high seas...

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