Sunday, May 1, 2011

Plog: Battlefleet Gothic: Chaos Fleet

Well, I've really been into Warmachine and Hordes as of late, considering that in a little under 2 months some of our trusty cadre of wargaming fanatics will be voyaging up to Lock & Load Gamefest in Seattle, Washington. That fact, as well as the end of the school semester quickly drawing down on me, has meant that some of the other game systems I play and love have become neglected to a certain extent. Recognizing this malady was the first step in correcting it, and I figure that the best way to correct it was to get some modeling, painting and playing in of a different sort then Privateer Press affords!

Those of you who know me or have read a few of my earlier posts on the blog here will probably be quite aware of my ire for Games Workshop's... policy... towards past games, or games it simply does not feel to have longevity in the marketing arena. Those games (the ones that generally require just a handful of models to play out most games/campaigns) are some of (if not THE MOST) fun games ever produced by GW, with Man O'War and Battlefleet Gothic leading the pack. Whilst giving this quite a bit of thought over the past week, I've decided to once more resume work on my first fleet chosen for BFG: Chaos! I had acquired a substantiel Chaos fleet via a mixture of Bartertown and ebay, as part of a deal with another one of the SB Wargamers, Roy. As well as getting the Chaos fleet, Roy got a LARGE Imperial Navy fleet, and I got the box game itself (tokens, planets, order dice, etc., etc.). To boot, the Chaos fleet was essentially assembled and painted already, allowing me to play right out of the box, so to speak.

However, while I did feel as though the paint job was a decent enough one, I've never really taken to it: the scheme, sure, but it was too messy, to bright... too... not my own! The acquisition of a few more ships (another Cruiser kit, a second Repulsive, and a Despoiler, as well as the generous donations of a few bases worth of fighters and bombers via Roy) had prompted me to get working on repainting/remodeling my fleet into some thing that not only could I be proud of, but something that was mine!

Everything but the Despoiler, tokens and one Cruiser needed stripping and undercoating, which is what I spent all today on. The Despoiler, tokens and Cruiser were to be, essentially, my test models for the "new" look. In reality, the look isn't very new or fresh, but will hopefully look very dark and brooding, whilst at the same time being very sharp and sinister. I'm keeping the general red theme, but I'm basically going to just be doing layers of glazed highlights, working up raised edges to make the ships look more black then anything else, while at the same time giving hints of red here and there. The conning towers, relays, etc. will still look sharp and obvious, myself not wanting to lose too much detail, or give the impression that I was just after a quick and sloppy scheme.

The undersides will probably be both the hardest and the most basic, as I wanted to give an illusion of celestial depth and darkness to the belly of each ship. They'll be-basically-balck, with just a hint here and there of a dark, foreboding red sheen.

The list I'm working on as a basic right now is:
A Despoiler Class Battleship
A Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser
An Acheron Class Heavy Cruiser
2x Slaughter Class Cruisers (I'm using 2 Hades right now for stand-ins)
a squadron of 3 Idolator Class Raiders
An assortment of ordnance tokens (don't have torps yet...)

As I progress through my fleet (starting with the 1500 point list I worked up for a game recently), I continue to keep updating the blog with pics and short explanations. Hopefully, this will encourage others within the group who have fleets of their own to resume work on them (Christian, Roy... I'm looking at you!)