Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wrath of the Retribution

So, the last few weeks has been exciting for any Retribution of Scyrah fan, as we have seen sneak peeks of three of our new models for the upcoming Warmachine/Hordes expansion Wrath.

The one I am least excited about is the Houseguard Rifle Team. I don't really like artillery, especially in WM/H. Not their rules, and not really the way they interact thematically. Gutting your enemy up close has always held more appeal to me. The model may be beautiful, as we have not seen it yet, but I doubt I will be adding this to my army. It is Armour piercing, which is great, and range 14, which is not too shabby. Poevyn fans will want to pick it up, as it fits in with her shooty legions and snipe will be great for an 18" shot, but I am not one of that emo crowd. She is one of the two casters I do not own, along with Kaelyssa, but I have proxied her and find her very dull. And her fluff is god awful, basically an elf version of Marneus Calgar sans genitalia. In the House war she is seen "riding outnumbered" and all that BS. What a Mary Sue, blah. /rant

The Arcantrik Force Generator remains shrouded in mystery. The model is gorgeous, and the rules we have for it seem decent enough, though its PC is a little steeper than I would pay for the abilities we know if now. I would not be surprised if there is some sort of shield generator that has not been revealed yet, rather than it being merely a big gun. So, not sold, but hopeful.

The Artificer is what I am really excited about. I mean, look at this guy:

That is the coolest model I have seen for a long time. He is beefy, with high Arm, and more damage boxes than Ret is used to, and he is brutal in combat. The best part is his abilities, which include making himself unable to be charged and giving everyone around him +2 Def and immunity to blasts. I will get at least one, possibly two.

So, now that we have seen 4 of the releases for Wrath, including Discordia, we can begin to see the outline of what Ret will become as a faction. As they are a young and undeveloped faction, it has been unclear what their theme would be, as Trolls is synergistic fell calls, Circle is Utility, Khador is Defense, etc. Now it looks like Ret will be all about these overlapping auras, such as the artificer and Discordia, boosting Def and Arm, and I would not be surprised if there was another solo/jack that benefited the speed or accuracy of those around him. I am so excited for Wrath!

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  1. It's cool that retribution is getting Space Marines.