Sunday, March 13, 2011

Battle Report: Retribution Vs. Circle

35 Points.
2x Hydras
Min Invictors+UA
2x Magisters

Full Trackers+UA

Turn 1:
Everyone ran. Vyros cast Mobility and Invioble Resolve on the Invictors.
Running. Kromac Cast Invioble Resolve on the Trackers, Warpath on himself and Wild Agression on the Warpwolf.

Ret Turn 2.
Vyros upkeeps, Hydra's get fully loaded and advance and pop shots off at Megalith. The Magister's dragged him forward and the Phoenix charged him. Still not dead. The Invictors charged the Bloodtrackers, killing 2.

Circle Turn 2.
Kromac upkeeps IR and WA, casts Bestial. Megalith heals and does a fair amount of damage on the Phoenix. Bloodtrackers massacre the Invictors. Woldwarden Rifts a Hydra and the Warpwolf sprays the Phoenix, knocking out his Cortex and Sword.

Ret Turn 3.
Hydras charge in, throwing Megalith and Woldwarden, but do not kill either. Phoenix misses. Last Two Invictors kill two more Trackers.

Circle turn 3.
Kromac upkeeps, casts Bestial. Invictors are finished off by Blood trackers. The Warpwolf tries an assassination on Vyros, does about ten damage, also kills Magister. Megalith Heals and kills the Pheonix. He has 4 boxes left.

Ret Turn 4.
A Magister slams Woldwarden out of the way, and one Hydra charges Kromac. Kromac goes Beast form and survives by transfering to Woldwarden. Other hydra moves to block Vyros from Pureblood and misses his shot. Vyros camps 3 Focus and Charges the bloodtrackers, killing one.

Circle Turn 4. The blood trackers take freestrikes on 3, losing 2 including Nuala, but the rest gun Vyros down.


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