Friday, February 25, 2011


So, after talking to Mark this past Sunday as we cruised back and forth from Ventura, I have decided to take a new approach to painting.

In the past, I typically went with the assembly line painting style. There were two major reasons why I chose this approach. First, my thought was that I could paint up units of similar looking troops in short order. And second, I hoped to build up my skills painting run of the mill minis before tackling the more "center piece" units like army commanders and unique pieces.

There were two major reason why I think this approach failed for me in the past-I wasn't consistently sitting down to paint which was also probably a symptom of being bored with what I was painting.

Ah, the chicken and the egg dilemma. I didn't have the skills to paint well, but I didn't want to invest the time painting minis I wasn't interested in painting.

Which brings me up to right now (er, well, Sunday the 20th, actually). I decided on a new painting strategy which I call "to hell with it." I'm going to paint the mini that I want to and I'm going to work on it until I'm done before moving onto the next one.

So, with those new marching orders, I sat down and I put paint to mini on Vayl. And here she is, so far...
She is still a work in process, as is the rest of my army, but at least it a start. Actually, it's major breakthrough for me.

Vayl is my first attempt a trying a few different things, most notably, layering and using washes.

The face was especially difficult to me, trying to build up to a light tone from a fairly blue-ish first coat. I'm surprised she turned out as face-like as she did.

The thing that I think turned out the best was using the combination of washing and drybrushing on the armor. That was a surprisingly easy process to do and I really like the way it turned out. I'm really looking forward to applying it to the two Lylyths since they have a lot of the platinum armor on them.

In the next day or three, I'm hoping to finish the basing and some other highlights and then I think I'll be done and ready to try the next one.

I'll keep you posted...

Update 2/28 - Vayl and the Legion of Everpink

Ok, so after some more work on Vayl, I think she is "done." I still want to put some static grass (which I need to buy) on her base and highlight the dirt a bit, but other than that, I'm ready to give her a coat of varnish (which I also need to buy) and call it a day. Here is the pretty much final pic:

Vayl sure looks different, eh? It would help if I label my photos before I post them. I was planning on posting the Scythean (and Ravagore) pics in a moment but let me see if I can find Vayl first...

There she is, complete with front arc mark too (just for you, Paul).

Now, on to Everpink. As you saw with the Scythean, he's got a bit of a sunburn to him. What I am doing is experimenting with washes. The pink color is a mix of GW red ink, GW sorcerous purple (I think), P3 pink and lots of water. I pretty much tried to hit all of the areas where the chitin meets the flesh. Here is the Ravagore showing pretty much the same thing, only with blocked out color for the chitin...
I'll see what they both look like tomorrow after they have dried out, but my goal is to give a little more color to the model besides the light and dark colors and help with my transitions between the chitin and flesh. I'm planning on reclaiming a lot of the pink areas with more P3 frostbite (the light blue) but it should leave enough, hopefully to give the impression of tender skin, or rather, make it easier to paint instead of worrying about one slip of the brush with dark color ruining the light part.

That's it for tonight.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circle Tactica: Shifting Stones

"Shifting Stones... You use those models a lot, but I don't think it does what you think it does."

So, after re-reading the card multiple times, I have realized the limitations of the seemingly perfect Shifting Stones. I admit it, I have totally been playing them wrong. Unfortunately, so is the curse of the intricate rules used in Warmachine and Hordes. It's been my main gripe with PP since the early days of Warmachine: Their rules are horribly written. I know, I know; it's ironic that a GW fan would say this because GW's rules are unbalanced and "blah blah blah." Let me just come out and say this: I would rather have clear, concise and unbalanced rules than poorly written balance. Now, taken in their individual parts PP writes very clear rules, the problem is when the rules interact with each other and the sheer number of rules that exist just for one model.