Friday, January 14, 2011

Unboxing: Aeronautica Imperialis

Well, I've decided to do something of an unboxing here, as that seems to be the newest hotness running around the internet as of late. However, this won't be a 'traditional' unboxing so much as a 'check out something I got from ebay' unboxing! So then, this 'unboxing' will be centered around the arrival of my hotly-anticipated (by me, at least), incredibly fun and tactical game of arial combat set across the backdrop of the war-torn battlefields of the 41st milliennim: Aeronautica Imperialis. For those of you who don't know the brief history of Aeronautica Imperialis (or, as it's often called, AI), it is the game created by Forge World for their range of Epic-scale aircraft and air defense ground forces. It incorporates a unique movement system, taking into account 3 dimensional play, speed and altitude when deciding how to move and fire. Resembling strongly Games Workshops' brands of 'Specialist Games,' it requires only a handful of models a side to play, with the standard game being around 120 points. Play is fast and furious, dog fights the norm, and scenarios encouraged.

Good? Read on, gentle reader...

So, the whole lot itself was as follows:

Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook
Tactica Aeronautica supplement
2 sets of 'Movement Cards' (more on those in a minute...)
A complete Imperial force
A complete Ork force

I won't dig into the two books all that much here, save to post the link to their location on FW's site:

Same goes for the movement cards:

The cards are perfectly usable, though some creative types around the internet have made MUCH BETTER versions which I'll be using:

All of the bases came like this standard:
They show arcs of fire (useful when determining tailing/being tailed), speed and altitude as a little clicker wheel on either side.

Now on to the good stuff. Included were around 200 points of both Orks and Imperials! First up, the Imperials. They're currently relaxing in a Simple Green bath, but should be squeaky-clean by time to play:


Notice the Marauder Destroyer in the centre? That thing is HUGE!


Next up are slightly worse pics of the Ork Air WAAAAGH!


Kind of hard to see, but there are 3 Grot Bombs included:


I hope to get these bad boys cleaned up and painted ASAP, and to shortly acquire both a Thunderhawk (another huge model!), and a propa' Ork Blasta Bommer.

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