Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I had been thinking about making a post about what people's New Years Resolutions would be, and stating a few myself, and then I saw the GoatBoy over on BOLS had already beat me to it. I figured, why not throw it up on the blogospherenets anyway?

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What are MY resolutions you may ask? I mean, it's only fair I share with YOU what my resolutions would be, right? Well, here it goes:

Numbah 1:

Finish painting an army/force/fleet. Yup, that's right! I need to finish SOMETHING or I swear to god I will burn it all... I mean, what? Anyway, I need to finish an army TO MY STANDARD of painting. That does NOT mean 3-4 hours per RnF mini, but something along the lines of the Clanrats/Plague Monks I have done would be acceptable. I also need to choose which army/force/bagel/whatever I will finish BEFORE the end of this week.

Numbah 2:

Get the bat-cav... I mean Man-den in order. I need to get a frame for that futon, get rid of the bulky furniture, put up shelving, clean out the areas under the counter and set up proper legs for the war-table so we can use those other 2 tables for more useful things. Anyone free to help me achieve this goal... perhaps on Friday afternoon? I will have Totinos pizza rolls and we can all watch a movie in my garage afterward and take pictures of each oth...

Numbah 3:

Read a book! Yes, I know, I do this like, every week, but I have this book that I am dying to read. It's sitting right here next to me at work. It's called "My best friend is a Wookiee" and it's calling to me... maybe I will read it while no one comes into my store...

Numbah 4:

Get more commission work done! That's right, and ALL OF YOU CAN HELP ME WITH THIS ONE! Just let me know what you want done, and I will paint the model/unit for you. Due to inflation and the European VAT I will have to raise the prices this year, but only by a small amount. /shameless plug

Numbah 5:

Get in shape. Now, I know I am not in danger of having a stroll turn into a roll, but I do need to get back in to the shape I used to be in back in high-school. I know this might be impossible, but I at least want to be able to walk up a couple flights of stairs without hurting EVERYWHERE. I think I am getting a gym membership for Natasha and myself at Spectrum or something, really anywhere except the YMCA. Would be great if they had a pool. Anyone know a good place to workout?

Any cool, unusual or boring resolutions you would like to share? Let's hear them gang!

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  1. 1. Complete at least a single army/fleet/whatnot. With my MoW Dwarfs and Chaos ALMOST PAINTED ALREADY, this should be pretty easy, but still want it to happen. I HATE playing with unpainted/proxy/quasi-assembled minis; takes the fun out of it for me.

    2. Steam roll you ALL in Warmachine/Hordes tourny. Basically done... ;)

    3. Walk my doggy more. She stays in WAY TOO MUCH; she's gettin' roundish...

    4. Get back in shape. I was once 190 and carved from granite. Now? Moar leik playdoe. Me no likey. Hopefully get a gym membership (there's a gym 3 blocks from my pad), and get cracking with SB Warbands.

    5. What more could I resolve you ask? Is it about being a fairer grader? Self-fulfillment? No... I want our group to play more SG games from GW... you know, the best games that were scraped because you only needed a small force to have fun? Yeah, those...