Thursday, November 11, 2010

WFB: Thoughts on Skaven

So, you may have read the campaign we are running for the next few weeks. It kicks off this Saturday, but we have had a few prologue games to teach people how to play, earn some extra "gold", etc.

I have chosen Skaven as my army. This gives me some advantages and disadvantages in the type of campaign we are running.

First, my guys are cheap as heck, and I am going to be outnumbering my opponent in pretty much every game, except maybe gobbos. I was also able to afford a caster, and a few neat war engines, which is cool.

Unfortunately, in games this small, the loss of a unit or two can be crippling. There is nothing Skaven are better at than dying, whether by the enemy or just themselves. I have a significant chance every turn of just killing all my guys. Which is why Skaven are awesome.

So, to run down my list that I will be bringing this weekend, as Christian has allowed me to use some of his guys. I have 445 gold, the spoils of several victories in the prologue.

First is my hero, a Warlock Engineer. He is my main guy in the campaign, and will be leading (more likely following at a safe distance) my glorious rat horde to conquest. I made him a level 1 caster, to get his pretty sweet warp lightning spell. Plus, we are playing Fantasy, magic is what is so cool about the game, in my humble opinion.

Then are two core choices of 16 Clanrats with spears. One has a mortar attachment, and the other has a warpfire cannon. They form my main battle line, advancing into range and then using their special weapons to destroy the enemy. When they don't destroy themselves, that is...

Last is a unit of 10 slaves. They will be a speed bump against assaulty units like Khorne or Orcs, or just sent in to absorb fire. There is also bonuses you get to finding items in difficult terrain, although a substantial chance of just getting wrecked instread. So they will be my guinea pigs on that account.

Where am I looking for expansion? Well, I am very slow, and don't have a whole punch in close combat. I think my next unit will be a group of gutter runners with slings. They can lurk on the flank harrasing enemies, then charge into flanks and rears once combat is met.

Die-die manthings!

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  1. MOAR! More posts like this! Let people know about the armies you are fielding!