Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Plague of Shadows- Act 1: Chapter 1

The goal of Chapter 1 is to build a sizable army over a period of time while searching for lost treasure and improving the skills of your scrappy young general. While expanding your force you will march across the old world, encountering enemies, claiming territory and growing your following. There is no concise winner of Chapter 1, simply because your little armies are not making much of a splash compared to the armies of Karl Franz, Malekith or Grom the Paunch.

Rules break down:

Each General will head a 200 point force comprised of only core choices.

You may choose to bring 0-1 Hero choices as your general, however you may not spend more than 75 points on them, including wizard levels, mounts and equipment.

A unit champion may be chosen as your general. They will gain 1 additional wound to their profile. They may not purchase magical items or wizard levels at the start, but gold will allow them to purchase items from shops, not to mention they can use any item they find on the battlefield.

There is no minimum unit size. You could have as few as 1 model in the unit and it would still be legal.

That being said, you must meet the minimum requirement for the unit in their respective army book in order to bring upgrades such as armour, shields, additional hand weapons, unit champions, etc.

0-1 units may be given the "Skirmisher" special rule for no additional points. Units that already have the "Skirmisher" special rule do not count against this total.

The minimum models required to form a "rank" are as follows:

Infantry: 3

Cavalry: 2

Monstrous Infantry: 1 (This means you can bring Trolls, Ogres or even Kroxigars on their own, allowing them to act like a true monster in their own right.)

Earning Experience:

Experience is use to level up your character. Experience WILL roll-over from previous games.

The Experience required to level up follows a complicated equation that only the great Nuln Engineers know, but the values are as follows:

Level 2: 50 xp
Level 3: 100 xp
Level 4: 225 xp
Level 5: 400 xp
Level 6: 625 xp
Level 7: 900 xp

Experience is earned in the following ways:

Win: 75 xp
Loss: 25 xp
Draw: 50 xp
Concede: 10 xp

Levels are used to increase your character's stats, ie. WS, BS, I, A and W. For each level your character attains, you gain 1 stat point. The break down of point distribution for all stats except wounds and attacks follows this profile:

WS, BS and I: 0-4 costs 1 stat point for each skill up, 5-7 costs 2 stat points for each skill up.

A: 0-2 costs 1 stat point for each skill up, 3-5 costs 2 stat points for each skill up.

W: 1-3 costs 2 stat points for each skill up, 3-4 costs 3 stat points.

Gold: Gold is used to purchase new troops for your force (up to 800 gold may be spent on troops in chapter 1), purchase common magic items from the Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook or bid for magical items up for auction by other players.

Gold is earned in the following ways:

Capturing Banners- 25 gold. In order to capture a banner you must either slay the banner bearer out-right in combat or chase the unit containing it down after combat. (If the unit that captured the banner is running away or has been destroyed by the end of the game, you do not collect the gold.)

Defending Banners- 15 gold. Any banners you have on the table at the end of the game that are not fleeing count as a defended banner.

Defeating the enemy General- 50 gold. If you defeat the enemy general by killing him in combat, running him down, shooting him to death or turning him into a frog with magic. If the enemy General is fleeing at the end of the game you will NOT receive any gold. He MUST be dead.

Losing your General- 10 gold. Luckily, your General has purchased some minor insurance from Bugman, Bugman and Lumpin. Of course, the insurance will not pay out if your General is merely running away.

Winning: 25 gold.

Losing: 10 gold.

Capturing Territory is obviously important; how else do you hope to grow your empire?

At the end of each campaign day, any tile that you have moved to and successfully defended or you have captured from an enemy player may be claimed as a settlement. Simply place a settlement marker and your banner on your time. Settlements generate 50 gold PER campaign day at the beginning of the day before any game.

You are limited to 2 settlements, but you may purchase more for 75 gold each. Settlements will only be attacked in chapter 1, so any you settlements that survive chapter 1 will continue to provide their lords with gold.

You may, instead of setting up a settlement instead choose to purge the land, making it effectually worthless. No settlements may be placed on it, and it will not generate any gold.

You may, instead of any other action, "pillage" the tile you are on. If you choose to do so, then roll on the "Finding Magical Items" chart. Due to the amount of time you are using to find a magical item you may re roll the result. Any damage you may take must be distributed to EACH of your units in the next game you play, after deployment but before the game begins. (NOTE: This will never cause units to flee or panic)

Finding Magical Items:

During a battle, if your units enter ANY terrain feature, including forests, hills, bridges and rivers but excluding obstacles (such as fences), you may rill a d6 on the following chart:

1- A booby trap! The unit takes d3 S1 hits.

2- A troll's stock pile! You find a pile of refuse, an old sack of dwarven ankle bones, a dirty loin-cloth and a handful of mud. There is nothing of value here.

3- Small purse! You gain 10 gold.

4- Bear trap! The unit takes 1 S10 hit.

5- Courier's Bag! You gain 25 gold.

6- Ancient Treasure Chest! Roll a further d3 and consult the following list:

1- Cursed Treasure! Draw 1 card from the magical items deck. You may choose to discard this treasure after looking at it and not take the effect of the curse. If you do choose to keep the treasure you will be affected by a curse. During your next game, your opponent may force you to re roll d3 dice.

2- Magical Item! Draw 1 card from the magical items deck.

3- Mystical Cache! Draw 2 cards from the magical items deck. You may choose to take up to 1 of these items. If you choose to take none of the items you may instead collect gold equal to the highest gold value of the magical item. Items will range in gold price anywhere from 5 to 100 gold! That is up to 100 gold you can spend on soldiers to add to your ranks.


  1. Really nice; I'm chomping at the bit to get rolling and see what my Border Prince Dogs of War can do! Didn't you say that the 'prelude' battles we were in a week ago counted towards the campaign?