Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photo Reel: "Painting Progress"

In order to motivate myself, and maybe inspire others, to paint more, I've decided to post some pictures of my models. They vary from pretty completely painted to a rough WIP.

This is my Gnarlhorn Satyr that I worked on today. I'm fairly happy with how the "Bone" effect is coming along for his horn/hooves.

My Greylord Ternion unit that my wife painted for me. I really need to get around to basing them.

The Zerkova warcaster my friend CJ gave me, and a Manhunter solo I painted years ago.

Lug and Brun -- these guys were awesome to paint. Again, I should really base these.


  1. Second that bear-love! Roy... get basing! Have you decided how you are going to do it? Winter? Mud? Plain earth w/static grass?