Sunday, August 28, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Undercity: A Plog III

Alright, alright, alright! Here's a few more pics of the progress of the Black River Irregulars that I've made; not as much as I'd have liked, but any progress is good progress, right?  photo FullSizeRender_zpsworawqjm.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsli3cydbl.jpg As I said in my previous blog post about the WIP on these guys and gals, I've just been using paints from the P3 paint range, and I believe that it's been turing out pretty decently. Again, please keep in mind that these are supposed to be somewhere between 'pre-painted' and speed painted, so are DEFINITELY NOT going to be winning any awards for skill or originality: in fact, as there are no 'studio scheme' painted minis of these heroes lurking about, I'm just trying to keep as close as I possibly can to the colors on the artwork that we have for them. For most (if you follow the adventures of the BRI at all...) there are a few different pieces of artwork, but I'm going off of the boxed game art itself. Gotta say, I'm more and more excited for this campaign, and getting these Heroes and Villains painted up to look all spiffy on the board, and... I can't wait for the first Hero's expansion to come out, so we can see the Captain herself on the table... I wonder what Pug's going to do with Colbie if she wants Doorstop back?! Guess we'll have to wait and see... ;)

The Undercity: A Plog II

Here's the second WIP update of the main Heroes of the Black River Irregulars for The Undercity by Privateer Press!  photo FullSizeRender_zpscgbsyp2b.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 2_zpscyicwhkx.jpg I've used only P3 paints on them so far, and it's turning out pretty decent, I think. I hope to get these guys finished up and out of the way within a week or so, so that I'm able to start work on the first campaign mission's Villains, so that when the first Heroes expansion drops, I'll have the core minis all finished! As always, thoughts, critiques, and opinions are welcome!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Finishing Up Some Terrain!

So, this terrain has just been sitting on one of our card tables in everyone's way for about the past 14 months... so we decided to just bite the bullet and finish it up! Daklethan and I spent yesterday cutting out the HDF, sanding down the edges to slopes, gluing the pieces of terrain on (predominantly obstacles), and sanding all the bases!  photo IMG_1877_zpspnwsozmc.jpg  photo IMG_1878_zps4xnm3dav.jpg